Manufacturing Facility 

Welcome to Attica Interio Pvt Ltd, where innovation meets efficiency. With our Japanese technology stitching machine, our stitching house operates at a production capacity of 500 pieces per day. This seamless blend of advanced machinery and skilled craftsmanship ensures that each product we create is of unparalleled quality and precision, meeting the highest industry standards.

Production Strategy

In today’s world Urban space is getting crowded and rural space is being emptied by the continuous migration of workforce. It creates imbalance in eco-system, disposable income. To create balance in eco-system, income generation needs to be encouraged in rural areas.

Handloom industry is a traditional cottage industry in India.  Hand weaving has developed distinctive techniques based on natural resource availability and capacity for innovation and skills of the local people over several decades.

To preserve the authenticity of the local craftmanship of hand-woven textile, we partner with weaver clusters, Cooperative societies and get our production there while we supply raw materials like yarn, die etc. We also take full ownership on the quality assurance with necessary product certification.

For products involving, block printing, embroidery, we engage rural artisans and provide sustainable products like natural dye, trims made of natural resources etc.

Our partnership with weavers is spanned across all regions of India.

Handloom Cluster Connect

Our connect with Handloom Clusters ranges in every corners of India.

Kantha Stitch Weavers in Shanti Niketan

Kantha work involves complex artistic work done by the weavers with the blend of exquisite embroidery in ornamental running stitch. Originated from eastern part of India and championed by rural women. This craft provides livelihood to 8000 weavers in the country.

Ikkat Handloom Weavers in South India

Ikat is a method of resist-dye technique, ultimately used to pattern textiles. A common method of resist-dyeing involves covering areas of fabric to shield specific parts from penetration of the dye. Then, bunches of several threads are grouped to be tied at once, creating knot units building an overall pattern. This handloom craft is a bread earner in hundreds of villages in southern part of India.

Mulberry Silk weavers in Bhagalpur

Sambalpuri Handloom weavers in Odisha

Handloom Weavers in Cuttack (Nua-Patna)

Rugs Weavers Partners

Exquisite Indian Handmade Carpets depicts a rich way of life in present-day time. Also it reflects an ageless blend of nature, culture, and craftsmanship from the world over. We have our partners of weaver clusters for Rugs n Carpets in Bhadohi, Panipat, Agra. These partners work with us closely and we together build up the capability to provide thousands of pieces in the shortest time span with finest quality.

Dyeing & Hand Block Printing Partner

Hand block printing on a fabric is a artistic process for which India is renowned for. The unique art of hand block printing employs skillfully hand-carved wooden blocks to print designs or patterns on a fabric by hand. Hand block printing though a simple process requires a lot of skills and expertise. The process is painstaking. and time consuming, but the result is always unique and beautiful.

We have our partners for dyeing and hand block printing in Bangalore and in Panipat. We supply the sustainable dye n color to them. We collaborate with designs, fabrics and come out with elegant eco-friendly products which has loyal customers in Europe and in US.

Fulfilment Centre

We have a fulfilment centre in Pune which caters to export sales and to ecommerce sales. Establishment of another fulfilment centre in Bangalore is work in progress.

Packaging Support

Our packaging partner is Harshad Packaging which is a sprawling packaging factory with 150 workers catering to many customers like us.

Quality Assurance of Raw Materials

Yarn Partners:

Attica Interio Pvt Ltd works with leading yarn manufacturers from whom we purchase and develop new yarns for our finish goods into Home Textile Made-up.

Our Quality Parameters that we & our Yarn Spinning Manufacturers Follows to deliver the right quality finished products. Attica does not compromise when it comes to quality

  • Consistently High Standards
  • Upgraded Machinery
  • Adhering to international standards

Fabric Partners:

Attica Interio Pvt Ltd works closely with the weavers based out in all parts of Rural India. All materials used in the fabric are sustainable & eco-friendly. We are connected with Inspection Partners who does the testing upon the quality of the fabric and provides our clients with the Inspection Report upon the fabric and the raw material as in the quality of yarn used.

Our Experienced Designers, Quality Team Production Team takes more closer analysation and work very closely with our weavers at every step.

Attica Interio Pvt Ltd is tied up with various International Standard Inspection Agency: SGS Inspection Agency, Intertek Inspection Agency.

Dying Partners:

Attica Interio Pvt Ltd works with only certified dying units and all dying units have updated imported dying machinery. Attica’s Quality team inspects the dying parameters and the chemicals used. Attica keeps a very close view upon the Quality of Dying Chemicals used in the raw material either in Yarn or in Fabric.

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