Our Partnered Factories manufacturing the Natural Fiber Raw Materials processes to get the fiber without the usage of harmful pesticides & unwanted chemicals. They use dyed using natural colors with low impact & Vegetable Dye which is Organic Certified. This helps to avail the softest and breathable shreds of Organic Cotton available in blends with Bamboo, Wool, Jute, Silk & Jute.

The initiatives like Make in India aims to ignite the dying aspiration of many a weaver and help them to get their products recognized for a better world standing in terms of its visibility and viability.

The strength of this sector lies in its own uniqueness, added to it being less capital intensive, usage of minimal electricity, tagged as having eco-friendly quality, flexibility of small production, adaptability to market requirements, openness to innovations and carrying forward of the traditions.

It has been seen that the Potential associations among crafts and sustainable development methods have together helped handcrafts to move towards a more progressively economic social order. Craft of any nature as such offers various influences which focuses on aspects of connections between monetary and instructive models leading to mapping of sustainable development. 

Handlooms and Handicrafts are one of the most important cottage industries in the country giving livelihood to most of rural India. A number of handlooms in India are engaged in weaving with natural fibres such as cotton, silk, and wool. Most of the villages in India are directly or indirectly dependent for their bread and butter on the handloom and handicraft sector. This sector carries proudly the traditional beauty associated with India’s such precious heritage. A research study on one of the silk handloom sectors situated in a small village named Bhagaiya in Jharkhand was carried out with an objective to gather considered data and references reflecting the aspects and aspirations of this lively craft and its position in the region.

The strength and key areas of handloom products is that it believes in introducing of innovative designs and at the same time keeping its heritage elements intact such that replication of the same on power loom will be difficult.

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